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Pines of Peace Mission Statement

mainWe open our home, hearts, and hands to our residents. We provide physical care and emotional support for them, their families and friends.

About the Home

The Pines of Peace is a residence for the terminally ill.  Our priorities are pain and symptom relief, along with emotional and spiritual support for both the resident and the family.

We provide a comfortable, warm, alternate living arrangement for those individuals who have been deemed beyond curative care by their physician.

This is an inter-faith, inter-community ministry that exists to share the journey with our residents, their families and loved ones.

Referrals may come to us from various sources such as physicians, social workers, health care agencies or individuals.  Please feel free to share our information with others by using our flyer.


Our two bed capacity is open, free of charge to anyone who meets the following criteria:

  1. Need
  2. Physician’s belief that an individual is in the last three months of his/her life.

We do not hasten or postpone death, but provide a setting where it can be approached as symptom free as possible and treated as a natural part of life.

Our residents and their families actively participate in the decision-making process pertaining to care.

Pines of Peace staff consists of professional nurses and certified aides.  Trained volunteers lovingly do bedside care and a multitude of tasks that keep the house and grounds tidy.

The Pines of Peace is a privately incorporated, not-for-profit home which does not charge for services.  Income is generated by community support, donations, grants, and memorials.

Pines of Peace has a 11 member Board of Directors, which provide specific expertise in assisting with the day-to-day operations of the home.

However, the heart of Pines of Peace is the volunteers who give so generously of themselves.  Many are needed.  We provide training and support for those who commit themselves to this ministry.