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 Posted 6/20/2016

Our sympathy and love are with Denise Palis.  Her family suffered a tragic loss when her 2 year old great-great niece drowned this past weekend.  Words cannot express the outgoing prayers and  compassion being offered in Averie’s memory, for her parents and the rest of the family.

We Remember Gleason Cleveland...

W offer our sincere sympathy to Nancy Cleveland for the death of her dear husband Gleason.

We Remember Tricia Brower...

Tricia was part of the Pines of Peace Staff.  She will always be remembered for her smile and positive attitude.  Even with her day to day struggles she was always upbeat.  I was her “friend” on Facebook and looked forward to what meals she planned, what was cooking and how much money she got off a gallon of gas at Tops by using coupons.  She was the queen of coupons.  Last year her friend Rachael arranged and orchestrated  the “Tricia Kicked Cancers Ass” celebration.  Unfortunately, as Tricia cleared one obstacle another took its place.  Our deepest sympathy for her husband Scott, son Tim, parents Kathy and Jim.

A Go Fund me account has been established for her son’s college education.   

This beautiful quote is in memory of Tricia Brower a very important member of the Pines of Peace family. Our deepest sympathy and condolences for her family and friends. Her sweet smile will be missed.

"She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of angel wings" author unknown

 Posted:  4/25/2016


 We Remember Gladys Bellingham...

Gladys Bellingham was one of the first volunteers at Pines of Peace and as with all the other organizations to which she belonged, wore many different hats.  Her determination and dedication is part of that which made Pines of Peace the organization it is today.  Our condolences to her son Bill and his family.

Posted:  4/25/2016

We Remember Jackie White...

 Jackie had numerous crafting talents.  For many years she painstaking cross stitched, framed and matted Thomas Kincaid counted cross stitch pictures for our annual auction.  She donated an antique quilt another year, again embroidered by her.   This past Wednesday we held a drawing for the doll house furniture she knitted and the doll house walls she made.  We sold raffle tickets for the past 4 months and her donation made over $300 for Pines of Peace.  The winner of the raffle, Carol Hill from Sodus was tickled  to get the call telling her to come pick up her prize.

Jackie, card player extraordinaire, will be remembered for her laugh, sense of humor, generosity, love of family and service to Pines of Peace.

My deepest sympathy to her husband Bill, sister-in-law Sheila Everdyke,  cousin Nancy Scheffinger and nieces, nephews, stepchildren and many friends who will miss her to the moon and back.

Posted 1/5/2015

We remember Fred Micha...

Our deepest sympathy to Joan Micha following the death of her beloved husband Fred.  Joan and Fred recently celebrated their 60th anniversary and moved into a beautiful apartment at the Bay-Wind.  Joan’s tender care of Fred was only interrupted when she herself had to have surgery.   Joan has been a dedicated member of the Pines of Peace family for years and is in our hearts and prayers during this difficult time.

Posted 1/5/2015

We Remember Boris Pohl...

Our prayers are with Freda Pohl as she mourns the loss of her dear husband, Boris.  Freda is a wonderful baker and for years has supported our various baked food sales.  I’m so sorry we weren’t able to provide his end of life care at the Pines. 

Posted 1/5/2015 

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